Erin M Liebich, Psy.D, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Owner & Clinical Director

Dr. Erin M Liebich, Psy.D., LP.

Dr. Erin M Liebich is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the owner of Center for Personal Growth.  She provides therapeutic and assessment services to individuals of all ages.  In 2017, Dr. Liebich was elected to the APA Committee for Disability Issues in Psychology. and 2018, she served as the Chair for the committee.  Dr. Liebich specializes in physical and developmental disabilities, humanistic/integrative therapy, and collaborative psychological and neuropsychological assessment.  Her treatment approach focuses on mutual respect, cooperation, and empowerment with the belief that each person has an innate growth potential when provided acceptance, understanding, and the

 right skills.  Dr. Liebich regularly collaborates with schools, residential facilities, attorneys, social workers, individuals, and families to assess for a variety of concerns.  Her areas of assessment expertise include intellectual and learning disabilities, developmental delays, dementia and other neurocognitive deficits, mood disorders, ADHD, and trauma-related disorders.  Dr. Liebich also enjoys offering a wide range of therapeutic services, including individual, group, family, and couples’ therapy.  She has worked in a variety of settings including an inner city school, community health centers, and an organization for refugees.  She was an invited continuing education presenter at the last four National Conventions of the American Psychological Association.  Dr. Liebich can also personally relate to overcoming challenges in life as she was born with a physical disability, Cerebral Palsy.  She considers her disability as a welcomed aspect of diversity as it helps her to understand the difficulties that her clients face.   

  Dr. Liebich offers the following services:    *Neuropsychological Assessment               

        * Psychological Assessment                 *Autism Assessment                 * Individual Therapy                             

* Family Therapy                  *Couples Therapy             *Group Therapy             *Child Centered Play Therapy 

                                                                                      *Disability Affirmative Assessment & Therapy    *Gender Affirmative Assessment & Therapy

Kelly Santoyo, Psy.D, Postdoctoral Resident

Kelly Santoyo, PsyD

Kelly Santoyo is our 2021-2022 Postdoctoral Resident in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in children and adolescents. She received her Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology in 2016 from Adler University in Chicago, IL and completed the requirements for her Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) in June 2021. She is awaiting her degree conferment. Dr. Santoyo has worked in various settings, including community mental health, private practices, a psychiatric inpatient facility, a therapeutic day school, and a crisis hotline. Dr. Santoyo has experience working with individuals dealing with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma, ADHD, grief and bereavement, self-harm, behavioral issues as well as other disorders. She is trained in Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) for PTSD and trauma-related disorders.  Dr. Santoyo has provided therapy to individuals, couples, groups, and also has experience providing therapy in Spanish. She sees the importance in using the therapeutic relationship and collaborating with her clients in order to facilitate growth through using various modalities, such as cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and psychodynamic therapies, based on her client’s needs.

During her free time, Dr. Santoyo loves playing soccer, going to the gym, and doing various other physical activities. She is also a huge lover of both animals and nature, and likes to spend some of her time playing video games when she can.

Dr. Santoyo offers the following services:    * Individual Therapy           *Child-centered Play Therapy           *Family & Couples

                                                                  *Psychological Assessment             *Neuropsychological Assessment             *Narrative Exposure Therapy

                                                                   *DBT                        *CBT                      *Services in Spanish.                   *Gender Affirmative Therapy

Julia Randall, Licensed Social Worker, Master's of Jurisprudence

Julia Randall, LSW

Julia Randall is a Licensed Social Worker and a graduate of Loyola University Chicago with a Master of Social Work Degree. Julia also holds a Master of Jurisprudence Degree (a type of law degree) from Loyola University. Julia has practiced in a variety of settings including a children’s hospital, outpatient mental health, case management, and in a Partial Hospitalization setting. She has training and work history in treating individuals with eating disorders (binge eating, bulimia, and anorexia), mood disorders, trauma, and women with high risk pregnancies. Julia’s philosophy is influenced by a variety of therapeutic models (cognitive-behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and solution-focused therapy) and she uses an eclectic blend of therapy to meet her clients where they are in their recovery. Julia currently works in a partial hospitalization program for eating disorders in addition to her time at Center for Personal Growth. Julia is an advocate for eating disorder awareness, postpartum depression/anxiety, and mental health stigma.

“My treatment philosophy is to bring compassion to the therapeutic relationship. My role is to support and empower clients to help them find their voice, build on their strengths and learn tools to cope with the challenges of life.”

Julia offers the following services:

*Individual therapy         *Family therapy          *Eating Disorder Assessment & Treatment

                                *DBT                         *CBT                 *Services in Polish

Dahlia Alfaro, M.A., Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor


Dahlia Alfaro received her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Adler University Chicago and is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor as well as a National Certified Counselor.  Dahlia has worked in Partial Hospitalization and Intense Outpatient Program settings. In addition to specializing in OCD and Complex Anxiety, Dahlia has experience working with Children on the Autism Spectrum, Adolescents and Adults dealing with Depression, ADHD, PTSD as well as other disorders. She has provided therapy to individuals as well as groups and is bilingual in Spanish.

Dahlia believes a great therapeutic relationship is based on collaboration and clear communication. She uses various modalities including Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to best meet her client’s goals and make long lasting progress. She aims to be an advocate and empower her clients as they navigate the therapeutic process together.

 Dahlia offers the following services::

*Individual Therapy                  *Family Therapy                  *Couples Therapy 

                                                                             * Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP) Therapy                    *Services in Spanish

Theresa Randich, MS., Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor & Doctoral Intern


Theresa received her Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University and is a licensed clinical professional counselor. Currently, she is in the Internship stage of completing her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Her research is focused on females diagnosed in late adolescence and adulthood with Autism Spectrum Condition. 

Theresa has worked in the community as a crisis counselor, screening children and adolescents that are in severe mental health crisis. She holds a national certification in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), and was part of the research that added additional data to support the modality. She has experience with family and individual therapy, specialized experience with depression, anxiety, trauma recovery, and self-injury. She has worked with adoptive families and attachment. Theresa is a qualified therapist that offers a warm, holistic, goal-directed approach, that have helped families live their best lives.

Theresa has experience with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. 

Theresa offers the following services:

* Individual Therapy      *Family Therapy      

*DBT    *CBT     *Trauma 

                                                                           *Holistic Goal-Directed Therapy      


Rae Steren Extern Rae Steren

Rae is a third year doctoral student at Adler University. She graduated from the University of Delaware with a bachelors in Psychology and Women/Gender Studies in 2021. She maintains a mind-body-soul approach to mental health care and utilizes humanistic and existential approaches to therapy. In addition to studying clinical psychology, she is a licensed yoga instructor and mental health liaison with The Gradient Perspective artist collective. She is passionate about guiding individuals toward their most authentic selves and prioritizes finding meaning in one's daily life. She has a particular interest in women's mental health care, utilizing a lens of female empowerment in the modern world. Her treatment approach focuses on encouragement, mindfulness, authentic and creative expression, and radical self-acceptance.

"Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time." - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” - Carl Jung

“The sun is a daily reminder that we too can rise again from the darkness, that we too can shine our own light.”- S. Ajna

Rae offers the following services:

* Individual Therapy      *Group Therapy      

*Play Therapy    *Art Therapy     *Narrative Therapy

*LGBTQ+ specific care    *Gender affirmative care     *Female empowerment therapy

*Mindfulness based therapy

Extern_Anjali Patel

Anjali Patel

Anjali Patel is a second year Clinical Psychology student at Adler University. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a bachelors in Psychology with a Cognitive Neuroscience concentration and a minor in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Anjali has experience conducting neuropsychological assessments on children who struggle with ADHD, ASD, and learning disorders and finds great fulfillment in fostering their empowerment and growth. In her free time she enjoys painting and long nature walks with her mini goldendoodle Simba. 

Anjali offers the following services:

* Psychological Assessment      *Neuropsychological Assessment     

Experience in *Neuropsychological Assessment with children    

Husna Ahmed Extern

Husna Ahmed

Husna Ahmed is one of our 2023-2024 diagnostic externs. She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Social Work from Elmhurst University in 2022. She is completing her Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) from Adler University. 

Husna has experience working in community mental health centers and crisis lines. Additionally, she has worked with children with ASD and has experience with providing ABA therapy. In her free time, Husna enjoys spending time with her family/friends, watching movies, painting, and baking. 

Husna offers the following services:

* Psychological Assessment      *Neuropsychological Assessment     

Experience in *ASD    *ABA     *Crisis

Kylie Schmidt Extern

Kylie Schmidt

Kylie Schmidt is a second-year Clinical Psychology Psy.D student in her Diagnostic Practicum year. She currently holds a Masters's Degree in Counseling Psychology working within the inpatient setting throughout her internship year. Kylie has experience working will all age groups and a wide variety of acute disorders. Her theoretical orientation falls within the realm of Humanistic/existential therapy.

Kylie offers the following services:

* Psychological Assessment      *Neuropsychological Assessment     

Experience in *Adolescent Therapy    *Group Therapy     *Humanistic/existential therapy

Support Staff:

Kiera Liebich, Office Manager    

Kiera Liebich

Kiera has an Associates degree in Culinary Hospitality. Although working in the culinary field may not be for her, she loves cooking and entertaining for friends and family, with whom she spends most of her time.  Kiera is a constant student who loves learning new things and likes to stay open minded. Kiera is responsible for scheduling, billing, and general office management at Center for Personal Growth. If you have a question about billing issues, please contact Kiera at [email protected].  (Available Tuesday and Friday and some Saturdays only) 

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" (Mahatma Gandhi).

"Love me when I least deserve it because that's when I need it the most" -unknown

"You are Loveable, Valuable, and Capable" -unknown



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